Vedavoo Drink Coozie

This thing sort of falls into the category of ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’ for your drift boat.  Vedavoo started making these ultra-swank drink coozies as party favors a couple years back.  Initially they weren’t for sale, but after wild demand, they realized they had a hot ticket on their hands.  They’re $20 a pop, which is ridiculously expensive for a coozie, but they have so many multipurpose uses they are actually worth the price.

How, you say?  Well, first of all they are perfectly sized for a wide mouthed Mason jar, making them a great summer growler beer companion.  Secondly, they will fit around the outside of a Yeti Colster or Rambler coffee cup. So what, you say–and in principal I agree.  Neither of those cups needs more insulation.  But, they have a tragic flaw: they are too narrow to stay seated in a standard drift boat drink holder.

In fact, normal drift boat drink holders are also too narrow to keep a beer upright, especially in rough water.  It turns out the Vedavoo drink coozie is the perfect size to wrap around one of those foldable normal drink coozies everyone is using these days.  (Drift boat holders are sized for the thicker old fashioned foam ones, which are definitely superior but aren’t as easy to fold up and store).

These days when I pop a beer in the boat whether in a can or in a bottle, I grab a fold-up koozie (often right from the river as these tend to be discarded like napkins), then stuff both beer and coozie into the Vedavoo.  Bingo, perfect fit in the cup holder.

Necessary? No way.  But fun, and hey, stuff is supposed to be fun.

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