Marshwear Targets Design Sector

Lots of new fly fishing companies crop up yearly, and most of them don’t make it.  Not for lack of love or even for a poor product (although I have seen some humdingers in the area of look-no-hands rod management over the years, let me tell you).  Most of the companies that fail simply miss their window; they have the right ideas but at the wrong time, or the technology their product is based on just isn’t ready.

And then there are the handful of others, like Fishpond or Howler Bros., who do catch the wave.  They usually do this with good design first, and a quality product to back that up.

One company that I am starting to think will fall into the latter category is Marshwear.  The brainchild of South Carolina guide Logan Roberts, Marshwear is following the Howler Bros path of cool designs on functional, mostly no-frills clothes, for very reasonable prices.  I’m a particular fan of their Artist Angler series, which marries technical clothes akin to what you’d buy from Patagonia or Simms with a Southern Coastal vibe.  It works.  Some of their designs are downright Southern Gothic.

bowdancerback_LR_copy_2048x2048 perfsterlingback_LR_2048x2048

They also have a wide range of trucker hats (natch), but with some truly unique designs:

delanonavy_1024x1024 Mw_hat_stumpy_brown_2048x2048 Mw_hat_rr_grey2_1024x1024

Does this make Marshwear the next big thing?  Who knows!  I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality and creativeness of their designs so far, and I expect to see them making big strides at this year’s IFTD show, which is right around the corner.


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